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World Of Dream

About the game:

The game has a open world system so you can go wherever you want unless it's night... Don't want to say too much. ;)
You can save your progress​ but only on some locations. NPC is and will be more in the game like Shops, Tasks, Quests.
​The graphic got high really nice filters and textures but still a old school feeling to it. I want people to come to a unknown world
without any clue what to expect and learn from their mistakes while playing just to get a cool open world atmosphere.
​The story is your playstyle but at the same time following a story.​​​

Programs that I use to make this game:

For models and programming I use Blender Game Engine 2.79 Steam Version (Python Language)

For textures and effects I use Gimp 2.8

For sound effects I use Audacity

Websites I use: (Textures) (Effects)​​


​The game is in "Early Release" so the game are probably not 100% stable, but I am still really proud of it and I hope you all will like it. The version is right now 0.640 so it's​ ​​not even 20% Finished and I will keep adding content to the game and the more support the game gets, the faster I will add content. So I hope people will support this game because it means alot to me and I really love making games. It can be really hard to make games by your own sometimes so support would be really helpful.


Why are you making this game? :

Have you got like 20 games on steam and they doesn't feel funny anymore? I have feelt it many times atleast and I want this game to be special... The best games in my opinion is the old school games like "Legend of Zelda", "UnderTale"(It's not a old game but have the feels you kno) "Crock" and those kinds of games but the most of them are like 10 - 20 years old and the new kind of games doesn't have the same feeling, they are soo focused on the graphic that the feeling and gameplay aren't really there. (My Opinion)​​​​


World Of Dream
Version 0.640 
Size ​1 GB

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