How to become Member

After you have Donated to RednapGames on Patreon you will become a Member on this site as a Thank you for Donating. ❤️

Every Tier has this Reward, even the 2$ one.

I'm just glad that people Support RednapGames and are helping me to improve my Games. 🤟

This is how it will work when you get your Membership:

After Donating you are going to get a Email from Patreon with the Sign Up Link to this Website. When you are done Creating your account I will Approve you as a Member. After that you can Login and get Access to the Member Pages on this site. 👏

I put alot of hard work into every release that I do and if you think RednapGames is worth supporting then go check out: ❤️

And if you cant donate but still want to support me, Feel free to Follow the Development and Share RednapGames to your Budds! 🤟

What is a Member?

Members are RednapGames Supporters that has more permissions on this Website.

Members get access to play my Games before everyone else on the "Pre Release" Page and also get to Test Games that are in Development and give me feedback on what needs to be changed or fixed.

I don't want to have a PayWall infront of the Content I am making, all Games will be released for Everyone to enjoy, but I also want to give people that Supports RednapGames something extra in return.

But Dont Worry, if you don't want to be a Member You will still be able to Download all my Game Projects after the Pre Releases. 👌