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Is a fast paced shooting, survival horror game with ALOT of Metal Music!

​Enemies all around you, the only friend you have on your journey is your helicopter mate that assist you with weapon drops, health supply and ammo.

​Will you complete the mission? Or will you get stuck in the DEAD END...

DEAD END 3 ​Full Trial​ GOLDSize ​1 GB
Copy Right © 2014 - 2019

I Challange you to open the VIP Door! 

It would be really cool for me to know who is the first one that opens it! 

​So if you have opend it, just take a screenshot on the door open and what is inside it and send it to me at or send me a video of you enter.

​The first one who does it will have their name in the VIP Credits in the Full Version of the Game!

​I'll also post it here when that happends so you boiis know when to stop sending me stuff haha. :)


PewDiePies MeatBall
It's been 2 years since I started this game project and...​ HOLY SHIT! Trial Version Gold is the FINAL UPDATE Before Full Game Release! ^-^ Heres The Updates:

ARSENAL is ADDED with Weapon Skins and Unlocks!

Enemies is updated to have Collision when touching a player so you cannot run through them as easy as before, also their Navigation mesh and system is also updated to work better!

Weapon Fast Scope-Shooting! New animation on both guns and also no Recoil when Scope-Shooting!

FPS limit is now 60 by Default with 200 Frame Refresh Rate Clock that should still make the game very smooth! The reason why I changed the Frames from 100 to 60 is because programs like FRAPS & Other recording programs will take full controll over the game and make the game 60 FPS by Default. Now it should not be a problem recording the game meanwhile playing.

FPS Buggs are now fixed! If the game Laggs for you when you are playing, everything should still work like a charm cause I made the Guns Animation go after the Animated frames instead of FPS delay. I tried to play the game in 30 FPS before release and it worked fine, but the movement can be a little slower in that case.

More Sound Effect Added!

TEXT Designs when you get a checkpoint or new unlocks m.m.

Mute Music is now a option... How dare you turn the music off... :)


Thanks for all the support and Enjoy! :D